Locked Vaults give you the ability to share your stored content/important data in the event of your death or if you are permanently incapacitated.

Shared Vaults allow you to share your content/important data in real time with nominated people or just store data securely without sharing it if you prefer.

Timed Release Vaults allow you to set a date and time for the contents of that Vault to be released to nominated people.

Self Destruct Vaults will destroy any data you have stored in that Vault type upon your death once your EsseVault account has been triggered and it's confirmed you're no longer with us.

Journal Entry

Keep a regular journal of your thoughts and calendar of important meetings past, present and future that can be shared in real time or in the event of your death. This is so nominated people have the most current view of your personal and business affairs. You have full control of who has access to specific journal entry and calendar entries or you can opt to keep it completely private. Record information like notes from a meeting you had at a specific time and date so you can refer back to it, if you choose share these notes with one or many of your nominated Invitees.

Add Representatives

A Representative is someone you trust to be able to validate and approve any access requests to your Locked Vaults. We recommend adding someone like your Lawyer and/or trusted family members. A Representative provides you with an added layer of security over your Locked Vaults further to the unlock countdown period you set on your Locked Vaults as they can also approve or reject unlock requests on your behalf.


Interactives are like Vaults but you can give nominated people specific permissions over how they can interact with the Interactive Vault and it's content. You can set permissions so Invitees can upload and download files or information to and from an Interactive Vault. You can also control the permissions so an Invitee to an Interactive Vault can be restricted to for example read only access and not be able to download files. You may wish to use Interactive Vault to collaborate in managing/updating documents with your Lawyer or Accountant for example.

Final Message

Final Message is used to send out messages to family, friends, business associates or anyone you choose to communicate with once you have passed away or become permanently incapacitated.

You can send Final Messages to Invitees and to people who you don't want to add as Invitees to your EsseVault account.

For example, you may wish for a standardised message to be sent to your entire personal contact database letting them know of your death. You may also wish to send a very specific message to a specific person (or multiple people) sharing your feelings, thoughts, wishes and wisdom.

Along with sending a text based message to the Final Message recipients email accounts you can also include images, videos and attach documents within the body of that message.

Add Invitees

Add Invitees to your account so you can allocate them access to Shared Vaults, Interactive Vaults, Locked Vaults and Timed Release Vaults.

An Invitee can request access to a Locked Vault in the event of your death or incapacitation. They will be granted access to the Locked Vaults you assign to them once the time period you set for your Locked Vaults to unlock upon the request being received elapses, or if your nominated Representative approves unlocking of that Locked Vault for the Invitee requesting access.