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Keep important information secure with bullet proof encryption. Control who can access your data in life and upon your death. Protect your family, friends and colleagues.

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Why use EsseVault

Zero Knowledge Encrypted Security

Bullet proof security and encryption of your data.

Control the distribution of information in life and death

Control who has access to your important information in the event of your death or you become permanently incapacitated.

Protect your digital legacy

Ensure your digital legacy is managed appropriately in the event of your death. This could be instructions of how you want your Social Media accounts or any digital accounts you hold managed when you're gone.

Protect your passwords

Make sure your account passwords are safely stored so any nominated family or business associates have access to them in the event of your death or permanent incapacitation.

Protect your family

Protect your family, ensure they know what you know and can navigate life if something happened to you.

Protect your business

Protect your business and finances by making sure up to date information is securely stored and assigned to be released to nominate people in the even of your death or if you become permanently incapacitated.

End to end secure management of your data in life and death

Your life is always changing, keep your personal information and details of anything you're involved in up to date, securely stored and at your fingertips within your EsseVault. Not only does this help you securely manage your important data / files throughout your life you can also make sure the right people receive the information you want them to have in the event of your death.


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